Climbing Roses

Rose Name




Alchemist Yellow Orange loft F
Aimee Vibert Pure White 12ft F
Aloha Deep Rose Pink 8ft VF
Antique Pink White loft -
Alister Stella Gray Yellow Cream 12ft F
Bantry Bay Deep Pink 9ft -
Blush Noisette Lilac Pink 7ft F
Bouquet de Or Copper Yellow 9ft F
Breath of Life Apricot loft -
Cecil Brunner Silvery Pink 20ft F
Clair Jaquier Buff Yellow 15ft -
Chris Pure Yellow 9ft F
Compassion Apricot Pink loft VF
Creme de la Creme Creme 8ft VF
Crimson Cascade Deep Red 8ft -
Crimson Glory Crimson loft VF
Desprez a Fleur Jaunes Yellow-Orange 20ft F
Dublin Bay Deep Red 8ft -
Eden Rose Pink-White 8ft -
Etoile de Hollande Deep Red 12ft VF
Ginger Sylabub Buff Apricot 8ft F
Gloriana Royal Purple 7ft -
Golden Shower Golden Yellow 8ft -
High Hopes Shell Pink 9ft -
Iceberg Pure White loft -
Kathleen Harrop Pale Pink 8ft VF
Lady Hillingdon Apricot 9ft VF
Lady Waterlow Salmon Pink loft F
Laura Ford Yellow 7ft -
Leaping Salmon Salmon 8ft VF
Leys Perpetual Pale Yellow 9ft F
Little Rambler Pink 12ft -
Love Knot Deep Red 8ft -
Maigold Golden Yellow loft F
Masquerade Yellow-Red 12ft -
Mme a Carriere White Blush 20ft VF
Mermaid Yellow 24ft -
Mrs H. Stevens Pure White loft VF
Narrow Waters Pale Pink 8ft F
New Dawn Silvery Pink loft F
Parade Deep Pink loft -
Parkdirektor Riggers Velvety Crimson loft -
Paul's Lemon Pillar Lemon White 12ft VF
Penny Lane Silvery-Pink loft -
Rosy Mantle Deep Pink 8ft F
Sombreuil Creamy White loft -
Souv de Mme Leonie Viennot Light Pink-Copper Tints 12ft VF
Shot Silk Pink-Salmon 12ft VF
Star Performer Pink 6ft -
Summertime Primrose Yellow 7ft -
Summer Wine Pink White loft -
Super Elfin Red loft -
Super Fairy Pink loft -
That's Jazz Red loft F
Times Past Shell Pink 8ft VF
Tradition Deep Red 12ft -
Twist Red-White 7ft -
Warm Welcome Orange 7ft -
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