Floribunda Roses

Rose Name




Amber Queen Amber-Yellow M F
Amber Abundance Soft Amber  M F
Birthday Girl Cream Pink MT -
Braveheart Coral Salmon M F
Burgundy Ice  Dark Plum MT -
Champagne Moment Soft Apricot M F
Chinatown Yellow  VF
Constance Finn  Soft Pink T VF
Cream Abundance  Cream MT F
English Miss Pale Pink VF
Fascination Shrimp Pink T F
Fragrant Delight  Copper Pink  MT VF
Glad Tidings Dark Red  M -
Great Expectations Apricot Pink VF
Hanky Panky Scarlet Orange S -
Happy Anniversary  Deep Pink T -
Happy Retirement  Soft Pink M -
Hot Chocolate Brown M F
Iceberg White MT -
Irish Eyes Yellow-Scarlet M -
Korresia Clear Yellow M F
L' aimant Rose Pink  VF
Margaret Merril Blush White M -
Many Happy Returns Pastel Pink M -
My Mum Red-Silver  S -
Pink Abundance Pink  M -
Red Abundance Dark Red M -
Rhapsody in Blue Purple-Blue T -
Remembrance Scarlet M -
Ruby Celebration Red S -
Sheila's Perfume Red-Yellow M -
Summer Gold Yellow M -
Sweet Haze Lilac-Pink S -
Sunny Abundance Pale Yellow M -
Tawny Tiger Terracotta Stripe M -
The Times Rose Crimson-Scarlet M -
Tickled Pink Silvery-Pink  MT -
Valentine Heart Pale Pink M -
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