Rambling Roses

Rose Name




Albertine Coppery Pink 15ft VF
Alberic Barbier Creamy White 15ft F
Alexandre Girault Reddish Pink 15ft F
Blush Rambler White Pale Pink 15ft F
Bobbie James Pure White 20ft F
Crimson Showers Crimson 15ft -
Francois Juranville Salmon Pink 20ft F
Felicite et Perpetue White 15ft -
Francis E. Lester White-Pink 15ft F
Ghislaine de Feligonde Orange-Yellow loft -
Goldfinch Yellow  loft  F
Kiftsgate White 30ft  F
Longicuspis White 20ft F
May Queen Lilac Pink 15ft VF
Paul's Himalayan Musk Lilac Pink 25ft  F
Paul Transon Phyllis Bide Salmon-Copper 25ft  F
Rambling Rector Pink-Yellow  loft -
Veilchenblau Rosa White 20ft  F
Banksia Lutea Violet-Blue 15ft -
Banksia Lutea Pale Yellow 15ft -
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