Full Rose List

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Rose Name




China Roses
Cecile Brunner Pale Pink 3ft  F
Gruss an Teplitz Red 5ft F
Irene Watts Peach-Salmon 2ft -
Mutabalis Pink-Yellow 4ft -
Old Blush China Soft Pink 6ft  F
Rosa Viridiflora Green-Brown 3ft -
Sophie's Perpetual Blush Pink 6ft F
Climbing Roses
Alchemist Yellow Orange loft F
Aimee Vibert Pure White 12ft F
Aloha Deep Rose Pink 8ft VF
Antique Pink White loft -
Alister Stella Gray Yellow Cream 12ft F
Bantry Bay Deep Pink 9ft -
Blush Noisette Lilac Pink 7ft F
Bouquet de Or Copper Yellow 9ft F
Breath of Life Apricot loft -
Cecil Brunner Silvery Pink 20ft F
Clair Jaquier Buff Yellow 15ft -
Chris Pure Yellow 9ft F
Compassion Apricot Pink loft VF
Creme de la Creme Creme 8ft VF
Crimson Cascade Deep Red 8ft -
Crimson Glory Crimson loft VF
Desprez a Fleur Jaunes Yellow-Orange 20ft F
Dublin Bay Deep Red 8ft -
Eden Rose Pink-White 8ft -
Etoile de Hollande Deep Red 12ft VF
Ginger Sylabub Buff Apricot 8ft F
Gloriana Royal Purple 7ft -
Golden Shower Golden Yellow 8ft -
High Hopes Shell Pink 9ft -
Iceberg Pure White loft -
Kathleen Harrop Pale Pink 8ft VF
Lady Hillingdon Apricot 9ft VF
Lady Waterlow Salmon Pink loft F
Laura Ford Yellow 7ft -
Leaping Salmon Salmon 8ft VF
Leys Perpetual Pale Yellow 9ft F
Little Rambler Pink 12ft -
Love Knot Deep Red 8ft -
Maigold Golden Yellow loft F
Masquerade Yellow-Red 12ft -
Mme a Carriere White Blush 20ft VF
Mermaid Yellow 24ft -
Mrs H. Stevens Pure White loft VF
Narrow Waters Pale Pink 8ft F
New Dawn Silvery Pink loft F
Parade Deep Pink loft -
Parkdirektor Riggers Velvety Crimson loft -
Paul's Lemon Pillar Lemon White 12ft VF
Penny Lane Silvery-Pink loft -
Rosy Mantle Deep Pink 8ft F
Sombreuil Creamy White loft -
Souv de Mme Leonie Viennot Light Pink-Copper Tints 12ft VF
Shot Silk Pink-Salmon 12ft VF
Star Performer Pink 6ft -
Summertime Primrose Yellow 7ft -
Summer Wine Pink White loft -
Super Elfin Red loft -
Super Fairy Pink loft -
That's Jazz Red loft F
Times Past Shell Pink 8ft VF
Tradition Deep Red 12ft -
Twist Red-White 7ft -
Warm Welcome Orange 7ft -
Delbard Roses (Repeat Flowering Shrub Roses)
Camille Pissarro Splashed Red, Pink, Yellow, White 3ft F
Chartreuse de Parme Pink Mauve 3ft VF
Claude Monet White, Red, Yellow 3ft VF
Comtesse de Segur Candy Pink 2ft VF
Dames de Chenonceux Pink Apricot - -
Guy Savoy Purple, Mauve, Pink, White 4ft F
Henri Matisse White, Pink, Red 3ft -
Madame Figaro Powder Pink 3ft VF
Rose des Cisterciens Pale Yellow, Dusky Pink 3ft F
Souv de Louis Amande Lilac Pink 2ft VF
Nahama (climbing) Sugar Pink 9ft F
Papi Delbard (climbing) Blended Apricot 7ft VH
English Roses (David Austin Roses) 
Brother Cadfael Clear Pink 3ft VF
Constance Spry Pure Pink 6ft VF 
Cottage Rose Warm Pink 4ft F
Crocus Rose Apricot Pink 4ft F
Evelyn Apricot Yellow 3ft VF
English Garden Pale Yellow 3ft  F
Falstaff  Crimson-Purple  4ft VF
Gertrude Jekyll  Deep Pink 4ft  VF
Graham Thomas Rich Yellow 4ft  VF 
Golden Celebration Deep Golden Yellow 4ft VF
Heritage Blush Pink 4ft  VF
L.D. Braithwaite Crimson 4ft 
Mary Rose Rose Pink 4ft VF
The Pilgrim Pure Yellow 4ft VF
Winchester Cathedral White 4ft  VF
Floribunda Roses
Amber Queen Amber-Yellow M F
Amber Abundance Soft Amber  M F
Birthday Girl Cream Pink MT -
Braveheart Coral Salmon M F
Burgundy Ice  Dark Plum MT -
Champagne Moment Soft Apricot M F
Chinatown Yellow  VF
Constance Finn  Soft Pink T VF
Cream Abundance  Cream MT F
English Miss Pale Pink VF
Fascination Shrimp Pink T F
Fragrant Delight  Copper Pink  MT VF
Glad Tidings Dark Red  M -
Great Expectations Apricot Pink VF
Hanky Panky Scarlet Orange S -
Happy Anniversary  Deep Pink T -
Happy Retirement  Soft Pink M -
Hot Chocolate Brown M F
Iceberg White MT -
Irish Eyes Yellow-Scarlet M -
Korresia Clear Yellow M F
L' aimant Rose Pink  VF
Margaret Merril Blush White M -
Many Happy Returns Pastel Pink M -
My Mum Red-Silver  S -
Pink Abundance Pink  M -
Red Abundance Dark Red M -
Rhapsody in Blue Purple-Blue T -
Remembrance Scarlet M -
Ruby Celebration Red S -
Sheila's Perfume Red-Yellow M -
Summer Gold Yellow M -
Sweet Haze Lilac-Pink S -
Sunny Abundance Pale Yellow M -
Tawny Tiger Terracotta Stripe M -
The Times Rose Crimson-Scarlet M -
Tickled Pink Silvery-Pink  MT -
Valentine Heart Pale Pink M -
Gallica Roses
Camieux     Purple-Crimson 4ft -
Charles de Mills Maroon-Purple 5ft F
Complicata Pink 7ft -
Officinalis Light Crimson 4ft F
Rosa Mundi  Pink-White 4ft -
Tuscany Superb Maroon 4ft VF

Ground Cover Roses


Avon White 4ft -
Flower Carpet Red Velvet Red 4ft -
Flower Carpet Pink Deep Pink 4ft -
Flower Carpet White Pure White 4ft -
Flower Carpet Yellow Pale Yellow 4ft -
Kent Pure White 3ft -
Pheasant Pink 6ft -
Yellow Floorshow Yellow Pink 3ft -
Wiltshire Deep Pink 3ft -
Guillot Roses (French Repeat Flowering Shrub Rose)
Agnes Schilligner Light Mauve-Cream 3ft VF
Chantel Merieux Carmine-Pink 3ft VF
Elizabeth Stuart Apricot 3ft F
Emilion Guillot Orange Red 3ft F
Joelle Marouani Lemon Yellow 3ft VF
Versigny Orange Apricot 3ft F
Hybrid Musk Roses
Ballerina Pink-White 4ft F
Buff Beauty Soft Apricot 5ft VF 
Cornelia Apricot Pink 5ft VF
Erfurt Cerise Pink 4ft -
Felicia Shell Pink 5ft  VF
Lavender Lassie Lilac Pink 4ft  VF 
Moonlight White 6ft  F
Penelope Creamy Pink 5ft F
Prosperity Ivory White 5ft VF 
Robin Hood Cherry Red 4ft -
Hybrid Perpetual Roses
Duke of Wellington Deep Crimson 3ft  F
Ferdinand Pichard Crimson Pink 4ft VF
Fisher Holmes Dark Crimson 3ft  VF 
Gloire Lyonnaise Creamy White 4ft F
Mrs J. Lang Silvery Pink 4ft VF 
Paul Neyron Deep Pink 4ft VF 
Reine de Violettes Lilac Purple 6ft VF 
Souv du Dr Jamain Deep Red 6ft VF 
Vick's Caprice Lilac Pink-White 4ft F
Hybrid Tea Roses
Birthday Boy Lilac M VF
Buxom Beauty Pink Magenta T VF
Dawn Chorus  Orange M -
Deep Secret Deep Crimson M VF
Elina Primrose T F
Especially For You Golden Amber M F
Freedom Deep Yellow  M F
Global Beauty Deep Yellow T VF
Golden Wedding Deep Yellow M F
Ice Cream Cream T F
Ingrid Bergman Deep Red  T F
Just Joey Copper  M VF
Lovely Lady Rose Pink M F
Nostalgia White Red M F
Peace Yellow-Pink T -
Poetry in Motion Yellow Red Streak M VF
Rachel Peach-Pink M VF
Renaissance Blush-Pink VF
Remember Me Copper-Orange M -
Royal Willaim Deep Crimson MT VF
Samaritan  Peach VF
Savoy Hotel  Pastel Pink MT F
Scentimental Cream Red Stripes M VF
Scentsation Peach Pink M VF
Silver Anniversary Pure White MT -
Special Anniversary Magenta Pink M VF
Tequila Sunrise Yellow Red Edges M -
Thinking of You Deep Crimson M F
Twice in a Blue Moon Lilac  T VF
Velvet Fragrance Velvet Crimson MT VF
Warm Wishes Peach-Coral M VF
Modern Shrub Roses
Bonica Clear Pink 3ft -
Golden Wings Primrose Yellow 4ft F
Jacqeline du Pre Ivory White  5ft F
Nevada Creamy White 6ft -
Pearl Drift Pearly White 3ft -
Rosy Cushion Pink 3ft -
Roundelay Deep Red 3ft  VF
Sally Holmes Peach Pink 4ft F
The Fairy Pink  2ft -
Little White Pet Pure White 2ft -
Yesterday Lavender 2ft -
Moss Roses
Old Pink Moss Rich Pink 4ft VF
Shailers White Moss Pure White 4ft VF
William Lobb Purple-Crimson 6ft F

Old Fashioned Roses


Celestial Soft Pink 6ft -
Maiden's Blush Blush Pink 5ft -
Queen of Denmark Soft Pink 5ft -
Semi-Plena Pure White 6ft -
Boule de Neige Pure White 4ft -
Honorine de Brabant Pink-Mauve 5ft -
La Reine Victoria Lilac Pink 4ft -
Louise Odier Lilac Pink 5ft -
Mme I Perreire Purple Crimson 5ft -
Rosa Centifolia Deep Pink 5ft -
Chapeau de Napoleon Bright Pink 5ft -
Fantin Latour BlushPink 5ft -
Blanc de Vibert Lemon-Cream 4ft -
Comte de Chambord Warm Pink 4ft -
Indigo Purple 4ft -
Ispahan Clear Pink 5ft  VF
Jaques Cartier Deep Pink 4ft VF
Mme Hardy Pure White 5ft  VF
Portland Rose Light Red  4ft F
Quatre Saisons Pink 4ft VF
Rose de Rescht Ruby Red 4ft VF
Patio Roses (Short growing 1-2ft: 30cm-60cm)
Bianco White - -
Blue Peter Lilac Blue - -
Baby Masquerade  Yellow-Orange - -
Festival Scarlet-Silver - -
Flower Power Fond Peach-Salmon - -
Memories Coral Ginger - -
Mandarin Peter Pan  Orange-Pink - -
Panache Strawberry Rich Red Orange - -
Fayre Sunhit Cream-Red Deep - -
Sweet Dream Yellow Peach - -
Thank You Apricot Deep - -
Wonderful News Pink Cherry Red-White - -
Rambling Roses
Albertine Coppery Pink 15ft VF
Alberic Barbier Creamy White 15ft F
Alexandre Girault Reddish Pink 15ft F
Blush Rambler White Pale Pink 15ft F
Bobbie James Pure White 20ft F
Crimson Showers Crimson 15ft -
Francois Juranville Salmon Pink 20ft F
Felicite et Perpetue White 15ft -
Francis E. Lester White-Pink 15ft F
Ghislaine de Feligonde Orange-Yellow loft -
Goldfinch Yellow  loft  F
Kiftsgate White 30ft  F
Longicuspis White 20ft F
May Queen Lilac Pink 15ft VF
Paul's Himalayan Musk Lilac Pink 25ft  F
Paul Transon Phyllis Bide Salmon-Copper 25ft  F
Rambling Rector Pink-Yellow  loft -
Veilchenblau Rosa White 20ft  F
Banksia Lutea Violet-Blue 15ft -
Banksia Lutea Pale Yellow 15ft -
Renaissance Roses
Chloe Blush Pink 3ft VF
Isabel Deep Velvet Red 3ft VF
Lilliana Peachy Pink 3ft -
Nancy Pink White Stripe 3ft F
Princess Alexandra Magenta Pink 3ft VF
Sophie Amber Yellow 3ft F
Rugosa Roses
Frau Dagma Hastrup Clear Pink 4ft -
Hansa Pale Crimson 5ft -
Rugosa Alba Pure White 5ft -
Roseraie de 1'Hay Purple Crimson 5ft  VF
Scabrosa Reddy Mauve  5ft -
Yellow Dagma Hastrup Primrose Yellow 3ft F
Specie Roses
Raubritter Clear Pink - -
Moyesii Geranium Crimson Red - -
Moyesii Sealing Wax Deep Pink - -
Rosa Primula  Primrose Yellow - -
Rosa Roxburghii Pale Pink - -
Amy Robsart Rich Pink - -
Lord Penzance Buff Yellow - -
R. Virginiana Plena Clear Pink - -
R Xanthina (Canary Bird) Canary Yellow  - -
Stanwell Perpetual Blush Pink - -
Standard Roses
Amber Queen Amber Yellow - F
Irish Eyes Yellow Scarlet - -
Iceberg Pure White - -
Korresia Clear Yellow  - F
Red Abundance Deep Red - F
Remember Me Copper Orange - V
Ruby Anniversary Deep Red - -
Tequila Sunrise  Yellow-Red - -
Warm Wishes Peach Coral - F
Bonica Clear Pink - -
Ballerina Pink White - -
Golden Celebration Deep Golden Yellow - VF
Kent White - -
Mary Rose Winchester Rose Pink - V1
Cathedral Flower Pure White - VF
Carpet Pink Pink Deep Pink - -
Abundance Pure Bright Pink - F
Abundance Pearl Soft Pink - F
Abundance Samaritan White Peach - V1
Tea Roses
Dainty Bess  Silvery-Pink 3ft  F
Dusky Maiden Velvety-Red 3ft -
Ellen Willmot Cream-Pink 3ft -
Gruss an Aachen Pink-Cream 3ft  VF 
Mrs Oakley Fisher Soft Apricot 3ft -
White Wings Pure White 3ft -

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